Bonnie & Dave

Bonnie & Dave were going to be married on their farm on the outskirts of Oamaru, but the weather forecast was talking a freezing cold southerly - so they changed the venue to the street just outside The Loan and Merc.

And of course the sun shone so hot (over 25 degrees!) - and I thought - “oh, what a shame they’ve changed it “ - but it was the best call ever!  It was such a beautiful wedding, among all the historic buildings - and soon after, the weather changed, and the temperature dropped quickly!

That didn’t stop us of course!  

Bonnie & Dave were so relaxed, having so much fun - and they had to finish with their pyramid photo!  

It’s a tradition they have to build a pyramid - and it was no hassle for the bridal party, which included beautiful Brooke, their niece, as well as Bonnie’s bridesmaids had brand-new babies!

What a team!

Thanks guys for a great day! Live loved!